16 Marvel Legends for Under $10

In the last year, we saw the release of multiple waves of Marvel Legends, which seemed to me more than in years past. One result is that it’s a great time to collect Marvel Legends. But the other side is that there are still plenty of figures available on the market that have not yet sold out. Retailers like Amazon and Walmart have begin discounting these Marvel Legends significantly to make room for the 2017 waves.

So if you have been waiting for any of these figures or want multiples for diorama building or customizing, now is the time to buy. Here is a list of 16 Marvel Legends available on Amazon and Walmart that are available (at the time of this writing) for under $10.


  1. Captain Britain
  2. Iron Skull
  3. Secret War Captain America
  4. Eel
  5. Nuke
  6. Sharon Carter
  7. Speed Demon
  8. Beetle
  9. Morbius
  10. Thundra


  1. Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales
  2. Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker
  3. Electro
  4. Captain Britain
  5. Secret War Captain America
  6. Iron Skull
  7. Eel
  8. Nuke
  9. Jack O’Lantern
  10. Venom
  11. Ben Reilly Spider-Man
  12. Speed Demon
  13. Morbius
  14. Beetle
  15. Thundra

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