Buying Guide: Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series Kitty Pryde

The Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series, made up entirely of X-Men characters, ended up being the most anticipated Marvel Legends series of the year and probably of the last several years. Kitty Pryde made her first and last appearance in Marvel Legends way back in the Walmart Exclusive Giant Man series, along with Havok as a matter of fact. But both the old figure and this figure are from her appearance in Astonishing X-men. So it’s an update, but it would have been nice to have a different look.

I think the worst thing about this figure are the scale issues. She’s much larger than her previous figure, and Kitty Pryde is not a large woman. But, Marvel Legends figures are trending towards being oversized these days, so it’s not a major complaint. The best thing about this figure, however, are the accessories. Not only does she include her dragon, Lockheed, she includes parts to two Build-A-Figures, Juggernaut and Onslaught! So what did other collectors think? Read on for more!

Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series Kitty Pryde Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series Kitty Pryde Packaged

Buy Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series Kitty Pryde on Amazon or, or search eBay for a deal. As of this writing, Kitty Pryde can be found pretty cheap on Amazon and Walmart at around $10.

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