Buying Guide: Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series Wolverine

The Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series, made up entirely of X-Men characters, ended up being the most anticipated Marvel Legends series of the year and probably of the last several years. Behind Deadpool, I think Wolverine was the second most anticipated character of this wave. A brown costume Marvel Legends Wolverine was first released by Toybiz back in series 6. But ever since then fans have been waiting for an updated version of this costume.

And Hasbro delivered! This version of Wolverine is properly in scale, has all the right articulation points and comes with alternate claws-sheathed hands! They definitely hit all the right marks with this figure. What did other collectors think? Read on for more!

Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series Wolverine Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series Wolverine Packaged

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