Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock Series Available for Pre-Order

After being released, first through Target and then through Walgreens, the Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock Series is finally available for pre-order through online retailers. If you were not lucky enough to find them at retail, then keep reading for the link to pre-order this series.

Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock Series

This wave includes the following figures as well as the parts to build Warlock.

  1. Old Man Logan
  2. Cyclops
  3. Dazzler
  4. Sunfire
  5. Polaris
  6. Colossus
  7. Shatterstar

Cases of 8 are now available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth, which includes all the figures in the series plus a second Logan. If you would rather buy the individual figures, check out this series on the Marvel Legends Stock Tracker for Amazon. They are not available for order currently, but Colossus has been popping up briefly over the last couple of days.

This series has proved to be very popular with collectors, just like the last X-Men series. So get them while you can!

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